Fire Stopping Forming Fire Compartmentation

Protect your staff and residents with professional fire stopping to slow the spread of fire and smoke.

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Air and Acoustic Sealing Forming Air & Acoustic Barriers

Installation of Air & Acoustic barriers provides air tightness for air integrity and sound transfer.

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Professional Air and Acoustic Sealing

Air and acoustic sealing provides many benefits to business premises as well as keeping you inline with the latest building regulations. The installation of acoustic seals will improve acoustic performance and reduce sound between different areas of the building, allow for greater concentration in staff, while air seals have a number of benefits, including improving thermal efficiency, reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint, providing better air quality, increasing comfort, and, most importantly, adding further fire protection to existing passive fire protection systems. These measures should only be installed by qualified, professionals to ensure they are fitted correctly and that your buildings are in compliance with regulations. Get in touch with CRS Fire Protection to book our specialists.

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Three construction workers wearing safety gear review a blueprint and charts on a wooden table, with a laptop and various tools and equipment around them.

Want More Information On Our Air and Acoustic Sealing Service?

Our team are ready to help.

Three construction workers wearing safety gear review a blueprint and charts on a wooden table, with a laptop and various tools and equipment around them.

Our Process

1. Risk Evaluation

Implving a fire strategy and discussing the fire protection design & installation requirements at the early stages of any new project is critical to ensure the installation of passive fire protection systems can be undertaken inline with specification.

2. Protection

The installation of fire tested systems to form adequate passive fire protection within a building provides compartmentation or fire resistance to parts of the buildings fabrics to ensure that fire and smoke cannot pass from one compartment to another within a period of time. The fire protection of the buildings structure also plays a crucial part in maintaining the safe evacuation of occupants.

3. Record

Passive Fire Protection systems must always be recorded, that’s why we use specialist electronic recording software to ensure all of the passive fire protection systems installed is fully recorded and given individual unique seal numbers which plays a key part of the buildings health & safety file.

4. Certification

The certification is a valuable part of the process, being third party accredited by FIRAS this demonstrates our competence to install passive fire protection systems to strict manufacturers specification and also record and provide the required documentation.

5. Compliant

Compliance matters, that’s why we have compliance managers who will regularly attend during the works to carry out inspections of our engineers to assess that the works are being installed inline with fire tested solutions and manufacturer specifications.

6. Maintenance

Regular maintenance surveys must be completed to any system which is installed as part of a life safety system, Fire compartments can be breached by other trades and not reported during a buildings life it is critical that any breaches are suitably sealed to ensure the safety of the occupants and provide sufficient time for the evacuation of the building or to assist the emergency services attending.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, no. We work with you and any staff and residents to ensure we complete all needed works to required standards, with minimum disruption. Before we start work, we will discuss this with you and we will project manage everything from start to finish.

Of course. Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and we are staying up to date with government guidelines, including social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.

Yes we do. As well as new installations of passive fire protection, we also offer surveys to check the condition of current fire protection and can perform any repairs or replacements as needed.

Yes, we are, for your peace of mind. This means that we have been assessed by FIRAS to be competent in passive fire protection. We also have random inspections of our work from FIRAS throughout the year and our offices are audited annually. You can count on CRS for expert passive fire protection.

We provide passive fire protection services to both new and existing commercial buildings, including hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels, shops, accommodation blocks, and social housing.

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FIRAS third party accredited, expert passive fire protection services from the professionals at CRS.

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